AUSCAR race winners

AUSCAR Race Winners List


This entry lists all AUSCAR race winners in no particular order of when they recorded their win(s).

This list will be updated as more details of AUSCAR seasons come to hand.

Terri Sawyer
Mark Seaton
Steve Harrington
Brad Jones
Mike Oliver
Marshall J Brewer
Steve Richards
Jim Richards
Terry Wyhoon
John Faulkner
Darryl Speers
Leigh Watkins
Garry Rogers
Matthew White
Bruce Williams
Darren MacDonald
Nathan Pretty
Mal Rose
Jason Wylie

Terry Wyhoon

A look at Terry Wyhoon’s career.

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Terry Wyhoon raced in both AUSCAR and NASCAR with great success with the pinnacle of his success being his 1995/96 AUSCAR title win.

Terry’s #25 was well known to fans with his car sporting BP sponsorship making his car green and yellow with a bit of white at the front.

He steadily progressed through the ranks of AUSCAR, he finished in equal 27th in points in 1989-90 before moving up to 19th in 1990-91, 14th in 1991-92, 7th in 1992-93 and then second in 1993-94.

He had great success in NASCAR and whilst never winning a title, he finished second in points on two occasions in his Ford Thunderbird and finished fourth in the NASCAR 100 race at Bathurst in 1998.

One of the NASCAR’s he brought and was built by Tom Smith exists today as a car built in tribute to Alan Kulwicki and his famous ‘Underbird

Car numbers

Steve Harrington

A brief rundown on Steve Harrington’s career.

Steve Harrington was a competitive force in AUSCAR when opportunity allowed it.

He won three races at the Thunderdome by being the winner of the final or overall winner of the day, he also won part of a heat.

He finished 32nd in points in 1988, 2nd in 1989-90, 18th in 1990-91, 3rd in 1991-92, 17th in 1992-93 and 29th in 1993-94.

The 29th place finish in 1993-94 was only because he ran only one race that year bagging a 7th place finish.

Car Numbers

Heat 2 of the 1990 Moomba Cup


John Faulkner

A look at John Faulkner’s AUSCAR/NASCAR career.

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John Faulkner raced for his own AUSCAR and NASCAR team (John Faulkner Racing) in the early to late 1990’s and achieved great success with wins and came third in the championships three times (two in AUSCAR and one in NASCAR).

John’s car was one of the most recognizable in AUSCAR with Betta Electrical sponsorship, he also had his NASCAR with Nulon sponsorship .

Wins (not definitive total)

1993/94 – Round 4 @ Adelaide International Raceway
1993/94 – Round 5 @ Calder Park Thunderdome

Numbers raced in AUSCAR

Marshall J Brewer

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Marshall J Brewer is one of the well known names in AUSCAR history, he raced in the category for many years and was the 1994/95 champion becoming just the third person (Tony Kavich and Brad Jones were first and second) to win an AUSCAR title.

Marshall also raced NASCAR for several years racing in cars sponsored by the likes of Pennzoil and was a very easy car to spot on the track.

In late 2017, two of his cars were put up for sale, the NASCAR is a Monaro bodied car with Pontiac bumpers, grills etc and the AUSCAR is his #02 Falcon.

AUSCAR’s raced


1 – 1994/1995 AUSCAR

1988 Goodyear AUSCAR 200

The 1988 Goodyear AUSCAR 200 was the second AUSCAR in history and the first one to feature Ford’s after the inaugeral round was filled solely with Holdens.

26 AUSCAR’s taken to the grid with Jim Richards taking Pole Position in his #6 XF Falcon

The race was peppered with spins, crashes and mechanical issues with the likes of Mal Rose, Steve Harrington and Terri Sawyer among those to find trouble.

Jim Richards won the race from John Bowe who passed Kim Jane for second moments before the yellow that brought the race to a close.

Goodyear AUSCAR 200 Top 3
1. Jim Richards
2. John Bowe
3. Kim Jane

Brad Jones

A look at Brad Jones’ AUSCAR and NASCAR career.

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Brad Jones was the undisputed King of AUSCAR with five consecutive AUSCAR titles between the 1989/90 and 1993/94 seasons (1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93 and 1993-94).

His cars best known paint scheme was the red CooperTools sponsored #8 Holden Commodore, Brad’s car was also sponsored by Castrol and other sponsors.

From the first AUSCAR season until its end in 1998-99, Brad’s five championships in AUSCAR made up a total of 41.66% of the total championships and these championships were all won whilst the sport was considered to be at its peak.

Brad is also the holder of the most wins in AUSCAR history with a total that is not written down in history but is being tallied.

After dominating AUSCAR, Brad moved on to NASCAR and was such as success at that he was a champion in that category too.

In 2016, Brad Jones was interviewed at length by the Calder Park Thunderdome Facebook page with Brad giving fans great insight into his AUSCAR and NASCAR adventures all of which can be seen below.


Wins (List not Definitive)

1988/89 – Round 4 @ Calder Park Thunderdome
1990/91 – Round 1 @ Calder Park Thunderdome
1993/94 – Round 1 @ Calder Park (Heat 1 & 2)
1993/94 – Round 2 @ Calder Park Thunderdome