Is there a demand now?

Is there demand for the sport now?


AUSCAR/NASCAR fans have been spoiled for choice in recent months with more races now coming online on Facebook and YouTube via the Calder Park Thunderdome FB page.

There’s also been a recorded interview conducted between the CPT page and Brad Jones and it was a lengthy, insightful interview that has drawn lots of praise and it is able to be seen below.

Stock Cars Australia is continuing to do well and despite the Winton round having small numbers of competitors it should bounce back at the next round at Wakefield Park on November 26 and 27.

There is a reunion happening at the Knox Club on November 11 for NASCAR/AUSCAR officials, competitors, crew and HQ’s as well, details can be found on the FB group.

A chat in the AUSCAR Racing group has confirmed that an independent attempt to make a modern AUSCAR is still alive and it will be interesting to see what the interpretation of a modern AUSCAR is.

With so much going on in recent times, It shows there is hunger for the sport in Australia but the battle is to have enough material to keep talking going throughout the days, weeks and months of every year.

Why is material important? Supply leads to demand which leads to ideas which leads to action if the cost and location is right.

The missed opportunity reborn?

An open day was once attempted but fell short due to money, can a second attempt work?

Several years ago, A man tried to get interest in AUSCAR, NASCAR, Sportsman, HQ Holden etc going again by having a day at the Thunderdome.

There was interest, lots and lots of interest but unfortunately Calder Park wanted a certain amount of cash up front and the amount was out of reach and the event had to cancelled.

People unaware of the cancellation actually turned up to the track on the proposed date because they were excited about the prospect of getting to see the cars because it is rare to see the cars in large numbers.

Can you imagine getting to see about 40 of the race cars on the infield followed by the cars doing some laps at safe speeds on the oval itself? It would be a true spectacle seeing cars in formation on the track after so long.

There is many cars still out there, there is even Sprint Cup (from previous eras as well) cars and Truck Series vehicles etc in Australia too, there are still people interested in making a day happen but would somebody take the punt and organise an event?

It’s not impossible, If a couple of car owners say yes that would get attention, if big names say yes that will get more attention, if there is a donation option that would interest fans especially ones that want the event to happen badly, If motorsport publications talk about it then that would get more interest.

Of course, there is no requirement it has to happen at the Thunderdome but it is the home of the sport in Australia so keep talking about the possibilities fans because somebody may read the comments and thoughts and think let’s do it.

AUSCAR Drivers list

This entry lists as many AUSCAR drivers and their numbers as possible.

This page is aimed to build up a list of AUSCAR drivers, this list will be improved over time so please be patient.

Photos have come from either race programs, media guides, photography websites, images from YouTube videos and AUSCAR/NASCAR groups on Facebook.

Terry Wyhoon #25
Peter Brock #05
John Bowe #10
John Faulkner #46
Marshall J Brewer #02, #69
Darren McDonald #44
Leigh Watkins #47
Brad Jones #8
Terri Sawyer #9, #05
Keith Evers.jpg
Keith Evers #06, #15
Mal Rose #44
Rodney Jane
Rodney Jane #7
Steve Harrington #16
Steve R
Steve Richards #35
Jim Richards.png
Jim Richards #6, #1
Matthew White #00, #7, #28
Nathan Pretty #2
Nicole Pretty #12
Richard Howe #11
Peter Fitzgerald #03
Eddie Woods #55
Mark Seaton #23
Bruce Williams #9
Grant Munday #3, #50
Greg East.jpg
Greg East #99
Michael Oliver #38
Mike Freeman #39
Phil Brock #1, #52
Graham Smith #50
Mike Freeman #39
Archie Robertson #12
Wayne Smith #38
Eddie Abelnica #4
Jason Wyllie #26
Rod Wilson #37
Gregg Hansford #35, #1, #24
Richard Blackney #80
Garry Rogers.jpg
Garry Rogers #34, #68

Max De.jpg
Max De Jersey #01, #3
Clyde Lawrence #22
Fiona McDonald #91
Allen Boughen #97
Ken Lanson #96
Lloyd McDonald #30
Ken James #01, #27
Alan Davies #88
Alan Clark #61
Alf Grant #4
George Kyritsis #41
Ray Vincent #17
Mark Smedley #18, #39
Romeo Capitanio #24
Scott Woo.jpg
Scott Wood #24
Raymond Riach #26
Mike Feeby  #29
Gary Cole #19
Rob Burns #20
Stafford McLaughlin #21
Darryl Speers #31
Rod MacLeod #33
Michael J Barnett #40
Greg Hoogstrate #42
David Weatherhead #58
Philip Aitken #66
Nigel Benson.jpg
Nigel Benson #71, #04
John Beasley #77
Rodney Durant #86
Owen Davies.jpg
Owen Davies #88
Tony Cidoni #89
Ian Luff #89
Ken I’Anson #96, #04
Charlie O’Brien #35
Brett Youlden #57
Brian Thompson #36
Hector Gutierrez #5
Terry Shiel #55
Grover #46
Luke Sheales #10
John Kennedy #13
Jason Kennedy #27
Morrell #77
Wayne Mahnken #2
Graeme Bowkett #4
G Smith #50
Phillip Smith #07
P Carter #14
Paul Mason #4
Wayne Jones.jpg
Wayne Jones #49
Craig Jones #01
Anthony Leitch #66
Rod Dawson #21
P Fordham #35
Kim Jane #7
Mick W.jpg
Mick Webb #1
Spud Webb #05
Geoffrey Brown #52
Colin Campbell #37
Robin Keitley #86
Jim Underwood #51
Robert Sampson #78
Harrington #4
Graeme Bowkett #4
Bill Mentiplay #30
Ken Davison #68
Ken Douglas
Paul Freestone #92
Tony Kavich #26
Leigh Moran #88
Sean Henshelwood #7
Tony Malley #16
Luke Sheales #10
John Agosta #5
Shane Houlahan #96
Denyse Butcher #14
Andrew Miedecke #09
Mike Twigden? #87
Jamey Hollier #15
Gerry Raleigh #47
John Truscott #33
Tod Wanless #1
George Cassimaty #6

Garry Rogers

A brief run down of Garry Rogers time in AUSCAR.

Garry Rogers is now known to race fans as the owner of Garry Rogers Motorsport who carried the hopes of Volvo in the Supercars before switching back to Holden but before going to V8’s long ago,  Garry tried his hand at AUSCAR racing.


Garry’s AUSCAR’s were beautifully presented in Valvoline sponsorship and his cars were frequently seen up the pointy end of the field with Garry winning the Round 6 race of the 1993/94 season at Surfers Paradise.

Garry raced both Holden’s and Fords in the AUSCAR series

In 2015, GRM’s #36 made an appearance at Queensland Raceway alongside other Garry Rogers cars and still looked as good as ever.

Car numbers used
#68 – Holden
#36 – EB Falcon

Leigh Watkins

A look at Leigh Watkins AUSCAR career.

Leigh Watkins raced in AUSCAR throughout the categories existence and entered the record books as the first and only driver to win the AUSCAR championship in a Ford as well as being the last person to win an AUSCAR championship.

He finished 33rd in points in 1988, 17th in 1989-90, 23rd in 1990-91, 20th in 1991-92, 16th in 1992-93 and 14th in 1993-94.

By the end of the 1993/94 season, Leigh was one of the most experienced drivers in the field with 32 starts out of the 38 held at that time making him the third most experienced behind Brad Jones and Marshall J Brewer.

Car numbers used

Darryl Speers

A look at the career of Darryl Speers.

(still under construction)

Darryl Speers started racing AUSCAR’s from the second round of the 1988/89 season and continued on racing until the category came to a sudden halt in 2000.

The July 1988 edition of Thunderdome mentions Darryl racing against the clock to make his debut in the June 26th, the story mentions that he was a young mechanic who acquired a body shell from Reg Hunt in February 1988 with Dave Weatherhead putting the engine together.

Darryl raced very competitively in AUSCAR and can proudly state that he is an AUSCAR race winner.

Darryl finished 26th in points in 1988, 8th in 1988/89, 20th in 1990/91, 21st in 1991/92, 28th in 1992/93 and 22nd in 1993/94.

His race cars still exist in 2017 as his #31 was seen at Wakefield Park for many years where people could pay to drive or be driven in it before it was spotted among a bunch of AUSCAR’s at Winton.

In 2018, the car was discovered to had been brought and then restored.


Car numbers

Terri Sawyer

A brief look at the racing history of Terri Sawyer

Terri Sawyer was the first winner of a AUSCAR race when she won the series debut race.

Race highlights shown Terri coming to the start/finish line in the lead as Greg East spun his #99 Commodore through the tri-oval after he got loose behind Max De Jersey.

The camera stayed on East’s car for several seconds before a commentator announced that Kim Jane taken the lead with viewers now seeing Kim Jane’s #7 in front of Sawyer’s #9.

Confusion reigned Terri made her way back ahead of Kim Jane as Mal Rose shot ahead of them both before Neil Crompton announced that the checkered flag is out and Terri Sawyer won the race.

Terri’s win ensured that she achieved the first win by a woman in the sport and the first win in the categories history.

Her win was followed up by several strong performances in the AUSCAR series, she finished 7th in points for the 1988 season and 7th again in 1989-90.

Terri attempted two races in the NASCAR Sportsman Series, Her first attempt was the Sportsman 100 which ended in a practice crash hitting the outside wall of Turn 4.

Terri’s second attempt was the Wiscassett 150 where she qualified 13th but was in an accident on Lap 3 resulted in a 38th place finish.

Soon Terri was back in Australia and went into NASCAR driving the #1 where she soon collected her first NASCAR win at Calder Park Thunderdome by winning the Moomba 100, becoming the first woman to win in that category too.

In the 1990/91 season, Terri finished the NASCAR season in 6th position with 645 points and $25,711 in prize money.

1988/89 Round 1 @ Calder Park Thunderdome (AUSCAR 200)

1991 Moomba 100 (NASCAR)

Cars Raced


#1 – Pontiac