New SCA video

There’s a new video out about SCA.


November 1 2017

Stock Cars Australia feature in a new video by Parkey Productions and it is exactly what the sport needs.

There is music, there is action shots, there is drivers talking about the sport and it is good to see in 1080p video.

One of our biggest concerns is that SCA doesn’t talk enough about who they are and this video has given people a lot more insight into the series.

TA2, NASCAR and AUSCAR vehicles are invited to join the series that runs under the AASA and hopefully the video will entice some people wanting to race their cars the incentive to join the series in the last weekend of the season coming soon.


The latest in the AUSCAR/NASCAR world.

October 24 2017

It has been an interesting October for AUSCAR/NASCAR fans

The month kicked off with Stock Cars Australia announcing their 2018 plans which includes expansion to other states as they will be joining another AASA series, hopefully they will keep being chatty on Social Media and update their website to keep the interest going.

Calder Park Thunderdome Facebook page gave fans a treat by airing on Facebook Live a replay of the 1993 NASCAR race on the Gold Coast, the race featured commentary by Darrell Eastlake and Peter Brock and Brad Jones talked to them whilst driving.

Signed NASCAR pictures have been popping up on eBay with the below Kevin Schwantz photo being one of those offered and purchased, there is currently a Bob Jane signed picture of Terri Sawyer’s car on offer.

The #2 NASCAR has found itself a new home after spending some time in Boronia, the new owner is Zac Ohara who owns among other vehicles the #27 NASCAR that races in Stock Cars Australia.

Wikipedia has finally accepted that Jim Richards did not win an AUSCAR championship after several attempts of editing in that fact.

That was pretty much it for October.


Stock Cars Australia expanding in 2018

Stock Cars Australia is expanding in 2018 by racing in four states.

October 5 2017

There was big news at the start of this month as Stock Cars Australia (comprising of GTA cars, NASCARs, Trucks and AUSCAR’s) announced they are joining the AASA licensed Australian Motor Racing Championship in 2018.

The series will be visiting Winton, Mallala, Morgan Park, Sydney Motorsport Park & Wakefield Park from March until November 2018.

This means the racing will be seen in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, a big increase on 2017.

There is even better news with reports the Sunday race action will be streamed so fans of the sport can see the action online.

This news has generated some excitement but whether it will mean that people will be dusting off their NASCAR’s or AUSCAR’s to race in the series remains to be seen as nobody taken up the offer to race in the last two SCA meetings.

If you want to know more, send a message to Stock Cars Australia’s Facebook page or visit their website.

Sportsman Drivers list

List of Drivers and their Cars in the Sportsman category.

Started on September 15 2017, last updated September 22 2018

Below is a under construction list of drivers who participated in the Sportsman category, building up a near complete list will be a challenge but we’ll give it a try.

Leanne Ross – #1, #5
Tony Howlett – #02
Gerry Raleigh – #47, #2
Glenn Potter – #06
Stewart (or Stuart) Morrison #6
Andrew Gillespie – #09
Graeme O’Brien – #9
Graham Crawford – #12
Graeme Gilliland #18 (three times Sportsman champion 95/96 96/97 and 97/98)
Mark Sutherland – #19
Eddie Abelnica – #19 (1993/94 Sportsman champion)
Darryl Howden #23
Dallas Crane  – #30
Harvey Catton – #33
Chris Howard – #34
Mark Vereker – #41
Con V.png
Con Vereker – #83
Chris Robinson – #54
Brett Campbell – #71

Tony Malley – #88
Wayne Smith – #38
Jamey Hollier – #35
Matthew White –  #7
Tony Castleman
Darren Green – #1
Daryl Coon – #8
Geoff Dunkin #17
Wayne Smith #38
Craig Cavenagh #54
Darren McDonald – #44 (1994/95 Sportsman champion)
Alan Polglase – #87
John Umseher – #89
John Jones #49
Scott Teleskivi – #66
Nigel Benson –  #11
A Rhodes Anderson – #14
Neville Blight #3
Pat Kennedy #2
Henry Jones #80
Clive Garner – #8
Michael Cantwell – #27
Paul Zazryn – #90
Paul Kell  – #12
Jamie Chapple – #20
Luke Sheals – #01

Australian Ford NASCAR’s

A look at some of the Australian raced Fords in NASCAR. 

August 18 2017

Here is a look at some of the Australian raced Fords in NASCAR.

Pictures are screenshots but hopefully will buy a collection of magazines to show more high quality images, we are doing our best.

Dick Johnson.png
Dick Johnson – 1988

Robin Best – 1992 Ford Thunderbird

N Lance.png
Neville Lance – 1994

C O'Brien.png
Charlie O’Brien – 1994

Gene Cook.png
Gene Cook – 1997

Terry Wyhoon – 1998