AUSCAR Falcons

AUSCAR Ford Falcons over the years


August 26 2017

Peter Brock – 1988

Garry Rogers – 1992

Marshall Brewer – 1998

AUSCAR Commodores

Pictures of various AUSCAR Commodores.

August 26 2017

Pictures of various Commodores raced in AUSCAR from the late 80’s until the early 90’s.

This is a WIP post.


Terri Sawyer – 1988

Richard Howe – 1992

Wyhoon 95.png
Terry Wyhoon – 1995

Australian Ford NASCAR’s

A look at some of the Australian raced Fords in NASCAR. 

August 18 2017

Here is a look at some of the Australian raced Fords in NASCAR.

Pictures are screenshots but hopefully will buy a collection of magazines to show more high quality images, we are doing our best.

Dick Johnson.png
Dick Johnson – 1988

Robin Best – 1992 Ford Thunderbird

N Lance.png
Neville Lance – 1994

C O'Brien.png
Charlie O’Brien – 1994

Gene Cook.png
Gene Cook – 1997

Terry Wyhoon – 1998

SCA going to Winton

SCA’s next stop is Winton and there are five categories for potential entrants.

August 11 2017

Stock Cars Australia are currently receiving entries for their upcoming round at Winton with entries accepted in the following classes;

GTA Stock car
Aus Truck
Stock car (Winston/Busch CUP)

This is the second round that AUSCAR and Sportsman racers have the option of participating and there is no doubt that if one or two AUSCAR’s compete it will get attention.

Visit their website and FB page for further details


Thoughts on a couple of things.

A little while ago we wrote about how there has been an increase of interest in NASCAR and AUSCAR this year compared to other years.

Lots of thought has been put into the Thunderdome, parts of the track does get used by drifters and in TV ads for Vodafone though why anyone would use a brown grass infield and a track that has fading paint and a crumbling surface for a TV ad is a wonder.

A new train of thought from pundits is that instead of the sport restarting big on a place like the Thunderdome, it has to start small through the acquisition of small dirt tracks and paving them (or leaving as is) and then build the sport up to the point it needs a place like the Thunderdome.

NASCAR and dirt tracks can work, the Camping World Truck Series races once a year at Eldora and it gets lots of loving from fans, who can forget Norm Benning battling his way into the main race in his largely unsponsored truck?

It is true that NASCAR and AUSCAR could do a roaring trade as a historic series on the bill with other historic series which are steadily gaining a following but those are of course on road circuits but drivers will probably take it anyway they can.

We’ve seen NASCAR’s, AUSCAR’s and Trucks scattered across Australia, somebody has to reach out to the others and say lets all race together somewhere and see what happens otherwise nothing big is going to happen, anywhere.

EDIT: July 2017, Stock Cars Australia has taken the step of trying to get everyone together by allowing a class of AUSCARs to race in their series.

AUSCARs found at Winton

Wakefield Park AUSCARs found at Winton.

Several AUSCAR’s that were formerly at Wakefield Park have been found at Winton.

Photographs have shown that one car belonged to Darryl Speers and another appears to be one from Garry Rogers Motorsport.

With more than a half dozen AUSCAR’s there it is perhaps the largest collection of AUSCAR’s in the one spot since AUSCAR ended.

Condition of the cars appear to be a mixed bag with some of the cars missing spoilers though #8, #31 and #34 appear to be the pick of the bunch.

Fans are eager to find out the condition of these cars in the hopes of buying and restoring them to race condition.

See the cars for yourself at

30th Anniversary party planned

30th Anniversary to celebrate Australian NASCAR planned

A 30th Anniversary Party is currently in the works for those who have played a part or have been interested in Australian NASCAR.

The party is being organized by Tony Southwell and those who will attend will no doubt will have a great time knowing that is organized by a person who was around in NASCAR’s great days and was there at the very end.

Events have been planned and attempted over the years but this one looks to be the firmest of plans with a promise that it won’t be cancelled no matter what the numbers are.

It is hoped that people will attend the event and give the 30th Anniversary of the first NASCAR race at Calder Park a proper celebration.

Those interested can check out the events page at