Sportsman Drivers list

List of Drivers and their Cars in the Sportsman category.


September 15 2017

Below is a under construction list of drivers who participated in the Sportsman category, building up a near complete list will be a challenge but we’ll give it a try.

Leanne Ross – #1, #5
Tony Howlett – #02
Gerry Raleigh – #2
Glenn Potter – #06
S Morrison #6
Andrew Gillespie – #09
Graeme O’Brien – #9
Graham Crawford – #12
Graeme Gilliland #18 (three times Sportsman champion 95/96 96/97 and 97/98)
Mark Sutherland – #19
Darryl Howden #23
Dallas Crane  – #30
Harvey Catton – #33
Chris Howard – #34
Mark Vereker – #41
Con Vereker – #83
Chris Robinson – #54
Brett Campbell – #71
T Malley – #88
W Smith – #38
J Hollier – #35
M White –  #7

AUSCAR Commodores

Pictures of various AUSCAR Commodores.

August 26 2017

Pictures of various Commodores raced in AUSCAR from the late 80’s until the early 90’s.

This is a WIP post.


Terri Sawyer – 1988

Richard Howe – 1992

Wyhoon 95.png
Terry Wyhoon – 1995

30th Anniversary party planned

30th Anniversary to celebrate Australian NASCAR planned

A 30th Anniversary Party is currently in the works for those who have played a part or have been interested in Australian NASCAR.

The party is being organized by Tony Southwell and those who will attend will no doubt will have a great time knowing that is organized by a person who was around in NASCAR’s great days and was there at the very end.

Events have been planned and attempted over the years but this one looks to be the firmest of plans with a promise that it won’t be cancelled no matter what the numbers are.

It is hoped that people will attend the event and give the 30th Anniversary of the first NASCAR race at Calder Park a proper celebration.

Those interested can check out the events page at

Is there a demand now?

Is there demand for the sport now?

AUSCAR/NASCAR fans have been spoiled for choice in recent months with more races now coming online on Facebook and YouTube via the Calder Park Thunderdome FB page.

There’s also been a recorded interview conducted between the CPT page and Brad Jones and it was a lengthy, insightful interview that has drawn lots of praise and it is able to be seen below.

Stock Cars Australia is continuing to do well and despite the Winton round having small numbers of competitors it should bounce back at the next round at Wakefield Park on November 26 and 27.

There is a reunion happening at the Knox Club on November 11 for NASCAR/AUSCAR officials, competitors, crew and HQ’s as well, details can be found on the FB group.

A chat in the AUSCAR Racing group has confirmed that an independent attempt to make a modern AUSCAR is still alive and it will be interesting to see what the interpretation of a modern AUSCAR is.

With so much going on in recent times, It shows there is hunger for the sport in Australia but the battle is to have enough material to keep talking going throughout the days, weeks and months of every year.

Why is material important? Supply leads to demand which leads to ideas which leads to action if the cost and location is right.

The missed opportunity reborn?

An open day was once attempted but fell short due to money, can a second attempt work?

Several years ago, A man tried to get interest in AUSCAR, NASCAR, Sportsman, HQ Holden etc going again by having a day at the Thunderdome.

There was interest, lots and lots of interest but unfortunately Calder Park wanted a certain amount of cash up front and the amount was out of reach and the event had to cancelled.

People unaware of the cancellation actually turned up to the track on the proposed date because they were excited about the prospect of getting to see the cars because it is rare to see the cars in large numbers.

Can you imagine getting to see about 40 of the race cars on the infield followed by the cars doing some laps at safe speeds on the oval itself? It would be a true spectacle seeing cars in formation on the track after so long.

There is many cars still out there, there is even Sprint Cup (from previous eras as well) cars and Truck Series vehicles etc in Australia too, there are still people interested in making a day happen but would somebody take the punt and organise an event?

It’s not impossible, If a couple of car owners say yes that would get attention, if big names say yes that will get more attention, if there is a donation option that would interest fans especially ones that want the event to happen badly, If motorsport publications talk about it then that would get more interest.

Of course, there is no requirement it has to happen at the Thunderdome but it is the home of the sport in Australia so keep talking about the possibilities fans because somebody may read the comments and thoughts and think let’s do it.

John Faulkner

A look at John Faulkner’s AUSCAR/NASCAR career.

(Still Under Construction)

John Faulkner raced for his own AUSCAR and NASCAR team (John Faulkner Racing) in the early to mid 1990’s and achieved great success with wins and came third in the championships three times (two in AUSCAR and one in NASCAR).

John’s car was one of the most recognizable in AUSCAR with Better Electrical sponsorship.

Wins (not definitive total)

1993/94 – Round 4 @ Adelaide International Raceway
1993/94 – Round 5 @ Calder Park Thunderdome

Numbers raced in AUSCAR