About World of AUSCAR

World of AUSCAR was established on December 27 2015 after fans discussed getting information all in one place after it was tried and tried again.

This is a 100% fan made blog and there is only so many resources we can get our hands on so please be mindful of that.

2019 was a great year for us, we have brought some magazines that allowed us to scan and publish more pictures than in previous years, we have also gone through YouTube videos to screenshot cars to add more depth.

We have information on AUSCAR, Australian NASCAR (and all the names post US affiliation), Sportsman, Formula Falcon and V8 Stock Cars.

We also have Stock Cars Australia which is a different entity to the above yet is all about Stock Cars, SCA has a mix of Cup cars, OzTrucks and GTA’s in the one field and they race several times a year in NSW and Victoria.

Please visit the following pages for more information on AUSCAR and NASCAR in Australia.

Project Oval
Calder Park Thunderdome

Stock Cars Australia
Bring NASCAR Back To Australia


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