Where are the cars now?

Started on April 16 2019, updated on July 10 2020

The following is an attempt to list as many AUSCAR, GTA, Stock Cars (NASCAR), OzTruck and Sportsman vehicles that are in Australia as possible.


#02 – Seen up for sale (ex Marshall Brewer car)
#2 – last seen at PRO-LAP (ex Nathan Pretty car)
#8 – in restored condition
#23 – retained by Mark Seaton will be future track car
#24 – Recently brought and under restoration
#26 – last seen at PRO-LAP
#31 – Recently restored and put up for sale
#34 – last seen in the open at Winton Raceway
#36 – Located at Garry Rogers Motorsport
#36 – Former Wakefield Park car, brought by Peter Bowden possible ex Agosta car.
#44 – Still held by original owner, possibly for sale
#47 – Unknown at this time (ex Leigh Watkins car, last AUSCAR champion)
#47 – owned by Hayden Main (ex Leigh Watkins car)
#55 – Being restored (ex Eddie Woods car)
#66 – still being driven around

NASCAR (Stock Car)

#2 – Now a Garden Ornament (ex Ian Thomas car)
#2 – Last reported to be at in a museum at Warrnambool
#7 – Alan Kulwicki tribute car
#10 – ex D. Coon car is For Sale
#17 – Currently under restoration  (retained by Tony Southwell)
#26 – ex Johnny Benson Ford Taurus?
#27 – Driven by Zac O’Hara in Stock Cars Australia (ex Kim Jane championship car)
#30 – ex Johnny Benson Pontiac Grand Prix
#33 –  Driven on Salt Flats
#34 – Was on the market but retained by owner (ex Russell Ingall car)
#41 – Owned by Michael Hepleston, will race in Stock Cars Australia (ex Gene Cook car)
#55 – Currently under restoration and heading for Bathurst
#55 – Second George Elliot car now in Western Australia
#85 – Returning to action at The Bend, 2001 V8 Stock Car title winning car
#88 – ex Dale Jarrett Ford Fusion, owned by  Anthony Trevaskis and will race in Stock Cars Australia
#88 – Two time Australian NASCAR Champion Robin Best’s car is in a museum
#91 – Now in QLD, plans unknown (ex Walter Giles car)
#95 – Currently for sale in Adelaide

NASCAR Ride Cars (Fastrack or other)

#1 – Races in Stock Cars Australia driven by David O’Hara
#3 – Formerly a ride car now an Earnhardt tribute car
#9 – Now races in Stock Cars Australia by Scott Pierce


#1 – Driven by Lachlan Gardner in QR Sports & Sedans
#2 – Up for sale
#7 – Driven by Danny Burgess in Stock Cars Australia
#8 – Driven by Brett Mitchell in Stock Cars Australia
#33 – Currently up for sale
#69 – Driven by Graham Struber in QR Sports & Sedans
#84 – Driven by Robert Marchese in Stock Cars Australia
#85 – races in QLD by Greg McIntyre in QR Sports & Sedans
#226 – Driven by Stephen Chilby in Stock Cars Australia
#711 – Driven by James Burge in Stock Cars Australia


#09 – Seen time to time
#?? – Mysterious Mallee sponsored car in shed
#87 – Being restored by Justin Kernan


#19 – Up for sale
#43 – Driven by Corey Gurney in Stock Cars Australia
#53 – Up for sale
#63 – Up for sale

Xfinity Series

#16  – Expected to race in Stock Cars Australia

2 thoughts on “Where are the cars now?

  1. Mark Seaton still has his number 23 Auscar. The ED falcon Was converted to future tourer but never raced. Currently undergoing an engine change to an LS to use as a track car locally.


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