V8 Stock Car Results (Power Tour)

Updated on April 8 2019

Here are results from the 2001 and 2002 V8 Stock Car seasons under the Power Tour, there is not a whole lot available in terms of results but what is still online does tell us that despite there being no Thunderdome races, there were still plenty of talented drivers still having a go at the sport.

There is some confusion as a drive.com.au article states there were six rounds and eighteen races and autosport reports five rounds.

2001 Season

Mallala – Round 1 2001
Round 2 –  Oran Park?
Queensland Raceway (Round 3) – Tony Southwell won Race 3
Round 4 – Oran Park?
Winton – Qualifying and Round 5 2001
Calder Park – QualifyingRace One, Race Two, Race Three (Round 6)

Miedecke championship report – drive.com.au

2002 Season

Oran Park – QualifyingRound 1 2002
Mallala – Qualifying and Round 2 2002

Miedecke championship report – drive.com.au

Andrew Miedecke won fourteen of the eighteen races held in the 2001 season.

On February 14 2019, tz17’s Motorsport Videos uploaded on YouTube video from a race at Mallala, that video can be seen below.

Winners (still being researched)

2001 season 
Andrew Miedecke 
Tony Southwell (Race 2 at Queensland Raceway and Race 3 at Calder Park)
Rusty French (Race 2 at Winton)
Dick Howe (Calder Park)
George Elliot (Mallala)

2002 Season
Chris Templer (Mallala)
Andrew Miedecke (Mallala and Oran Park)

Last Manufacturer winner 
Ford: Dick Howe
Chevrolet: Andrew Miedeck


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