Darryl Speers

A look at the career of Darryl Speers.


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Darryl Speers started racing AUSCAR’s from the second round of the 1988/89 season and continued on racing until the category came to a sudden halt in 2000.

The July 1988 edition of Thunderdome mentions Darryl racing against the clock to make his debut in the June 26th, the story mentions that he was a young mechanic who acquired a body shell from Reg Hunt in February 1988 with Dave Weatherhead putting the engine together.

Darryl raced very competitively in AUSCAR and can proudly state that he is an AUSCAR race winner.

His race cars still exist in 2017 as his #31 was seen at Wakefield Park for many years where people could pay to drive or be driven in it before it was spotted among a bunch of AUSCAR’s at Winton.


Car numbers

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