Terri Sawyer

A brief look at the racing history of Terri Sawyer


Terri Sawyer was the first winner of a AUSCAR race after winning the first ever AUSCAR race in February 1988.

Race highlights shown Terri coming to the start/finish line in the lead as Greg East spun his #99 Commodore through the tri-oval after he got loose behind Max De Jersey .

The camera stayed on East’s car for several seconds before a commentator announced that Kim Jane taken the lead with viewers now seeing Kim Jane’s #7 in front of Sawyer’s #9.

Confusion reigned Terri made her way back ahead of Kim Jane as Mal Rose shot ahead of them both before Neil Crompton announced that the checkered flag is out and Terri Sawyer won the race.

Terri’s win ensured that she achieved the first win by a woman in the sport and the first win in the categories history.

Her win was followed up by several strong performances that eventually taken her to the United States to try her luck there.

Terri attempted two races in the NASCAR Sportsman Series, Her first attempt was the Sportsman 100 which ended in a practice crash hitting the outside wall of Turn 4.

Terri’s second attempt was the Wiscassett 150 where she qualified 13th but was in an accident on Lap 3 resulting in a 38th place finish.

Soon Terri was back in Australia and went into NASCAR driving the #1 where she soon collected her first NASCAR win at Calder Park Thunderdome by winning the Moomba 100, becoming the first woman to win in that category too.

1988/89 Round 1 @ Calder Park Thunderdome (AUSCAR 200)

1991 Moomba 100 (NASCAR)

Cars Raced


#1 – Pontiac


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