Brad Jones

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Brad Jones was the undisputed King of AUSCAR with five consecutive AUSCAR titles between the 1989/90 and 1993/94 seasons (1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93 and 1993-94).

His cars best known paint scheme was the red CooperTools sponsored #8 Holden Commodore, Brad’s car was also sponsored by Castrol and other sponsors.

From the first AUSCAR season until its end in 1998-99, Brad’s five championships in AUSCAR made up a total of 41.66% of the total championships and these championships were all won whilst the sport was considered to be at its peak.

Brad is also the holder of the most wins in AUSCAR history with a total that is not written down in history but is being tallied.

After dominating AUSCAR, Brad moved on to NASCAR and was such as success at that he was a champion in that category too.

In 2016, Brad Jones was interviewed at length by the Calder Park Thunderdome Facebook page with Brad giving fans great insight into his AUSCAR and NASCAR adventures all of which can be seen below.


Wins (List not Definitive)

1988/89 – Round 4 @ Calder Park Thunderdome
1990/91 – Round 1 @ Calder Park Thunderdome
1993/94 – Round 1 @ Calder Park (Heat 1 & 2)
1993/94 – Round 2 @ Calder Park Thunderdome




2 thoughts on “Brad Jones

  1. Hi this is a great idea but I think you need to get your facts right before you publish this stuff. It’s all very well to throw up some info hopping for it to be right. Sadly a lot of info you have on your face book page and this site is wrong and you can’t expect to rely on people throwing their personal views at you. Happy to help


    1. Thank you for the idea compliment.

      The Facebook page is not mine, secondly the info is the best possible information gleaned from the very few sources out there and it’s not thrown up hoping it’s right (I very much resent that implication) thirdly because of number two all entries are edited regularly as more information comes along.


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